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▶ Support | How to upgrade to SLES/SLED 11 SP3

There are multiple ways to upgrade to SLES/SLED 11 SP3. See below a description of how how to this via the command line * Update by using zypper Open a root shell. Run ‘zypper ref -s’ to refresh all services and repositories. Run ‘zypper update -t patch’ to install package management updates. Now it is possible to install all available

▶ Single Node Cluster OpenAIS Suse 11 with Oracle11g & SAPInst

OpenAIS Cluster Environment Cluster information host01 information : –          hostname=host01 –          ip= –          virtual IP= –          heartbeat ip=No –          eth0= (data no heartbeat) –          eth1=Not use , –          vgshare=qasdatavg lv=lvol1,lvol2 –          Oracle sid = QAS [Mcod csd,csq,bcd,bcq,j2d,j2q,ecd,ecq] –          SAP sid = j2d,j2q,trex_90,trex_92 –          disk on qasdatavg= md0/md1/md2/md3/md4 Create OpenAIS cluster Create a shared volume group. Create a OpenAIS Cluster. Create an application package. Dependency

▶ Suse Desktop vs. Red Hat

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop: Better Than Red Hat?   Recently, I took a closer look at Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or “RHEL”, to see how good of an enterprise desktop operating system it really is. I found that it’s a top quality product, andFedora users would be extremely familiar with it (no surprise there). However, Red Hat


SAP HANA One on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1 Sold by: SAP Perform real-time analysis, develop and deploy real-time applications with the SAP HANA One, an instance of SAP HANA in-memory platform on AWS. Natively build on in-memory technology and now deployed on AWS, SAP HANA One is designed to accelerate transactional processing, operational reporting, OLAP,

▶ SAP software on Linux: Essential information

Note 171356 – SAP software on Linux: Essential information Header Version / Date 317 / 2013-08-06 Priority Correction with high priority Category Installation information Primary Component BC-OP-LNX Linux Secondary Components   Summary Symptom You want to install SAP software on Linux.Other terms Redhat, redhat, RH, SuSE, Suse, suse, Swapspace, swapspace, swap-space, ServicePack, IA-64, IA64, x86_64,