How to Install MiniDLNA on FreeNAS 9.3

Could not find minidlna package on freebsd website as described in various docus.

But then found a*.pbi file that did the trick.



downloaded –

2. In FreeNas WebGUI:  Plugins -> Available -> Upload

Upload the file from step 1.

Plugin customplugin_1 will be installed

3. After uploading : Add Storage to Jail customplugin_1

Take the remaining steps from –

Adding the Media Folder
10) On the left panel of the GUI open Jails -> MiniDLNA -> Storage -> Add Storage
11) The first box should say MiniDLNA, leave that one alone
12) The Source you will need to locate your media to share
13) In the Destination box locate and select “/media”
14) Do not select Read-Only as some players will have issue with it.
15) Click OK

SSH into the Jail
You have several ways to get into the jail and I like to use Putty myself but for this example we will use the built in GUI Shell. You can use the PASTE in the shell if you want to cut and paste the below commands if there is any doubt about spaces or format issues.

16) In the left hand pane select Shell and select the maximum window size you can read, for my screen it’s 132×43.
17) Type “jls”
18) You should see a listing of jails
19) Type “jexec MiniDLNA /bin/csh”
20) Type “pkg_add -r minidlna”
21) At this point MiniDLNA and support files will install

Configuring MiniDLNA
22) Type “cd /usr/local/etc/” and you should be in that directory
23) Type “ee minidlna.conf” and you will now be editing the minidlna.conf file
24) Scroll down to line 18 where it says
Code (text):
and change it to
Code (text):
25) Scroll down to line 21 where is says
Code (text):
#friendly_name=My DLNA Server
and change the line to
Code (text):
friendly_name=MiniDLNA Server
26) Scroll down to line 24 where is says
Code (text):
and remove the “#”
27) Scroll down to line 27 where is says
Code (text):
and remove the “#”
28) Press the ESCape key and Enter key twice to Leave and Save the changes.
29) Type “cd rc.d”
30) Type “ee minidlna”
31) Scroll down to line 25
Code (text):
command_args=”-P $pidfile -u $minidlna_uid -f /usr/local/etc/minidlna.conf”
and add -R to make the line read
Code (text):
command_args=”-R -P $pidfile -u $minidlna_uid -f /usr/local/etc/minidlna.conf”
32) Press ESCape and then Enter key twice to Leave and Save the changes.

Testing MiniDLNA
33) Type “service minidlna onestart” and you should get a message of Starting minidlna. Now go see if your DLNA compliant viewer can see your content, I use Windows Media Player (WMP) for testing purposes as I don’t need to leave the computer when doing this.

After this is succesfull then continue with the steps from the forum page.