▶ Tutorial: Highly Available WordPress (Part II)

Tutorial: Highly Available WordPress (Part II)

In the previous part of this tutorial we introduced High Availability discussing different methods and different AWS services to achieve it. Now we’ll propose a particular solution based on one of these: use GlusterFS to unify the content of the instances.

In this part we’ll explain how to move our WordPress one step forward. From a single EC2 and RDS instance we’ll move to an High Available platform. So far we had the following infrastructure:

Initially our plan was to present a simple method to gain HA using S3FS but the performance was not acceptable as the blog was unresponsive. After the first test we decided to go directly for the GlusterFS solution, creating a virtual volume shared between both WordPress instances.  In this case performances were good enough given that the instances were on two different Availability Zones.

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