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5 Tips On Building A Business Continuity Plan

In my last post, I defined a disaster and how to plan for the expected. I will now dive into how to build a business based on my earlier definition of a disaster, let’s agree for a moment that we cannot plan to mitigate the meteor strike and settle on something a little more manageable. We can pick from a list that includes but is not limited to fire, flooding, tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes.

Also, think of localized events such as a plane crash, mass evacuations, railway accidents and explosions.  Consider environmental pollutants, HAZMAT incidents and local acts of terrorism.  When you start looking at these as potential business disasters, you can start to group them together and see some commonality. If you can see some common patterns, you can use them as a catalyst to make a plan.


One commonality is that most of the above can measure the affected area in miles. In other words, your plans don’t necessarily have to include long distance travel. Another common feature is a lack of significant warning time. You’ll find others if you talk through it a bit.

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