Cloud Security Fundamentals

SEC524: Cloud Security Fundamentals

The SANS Cloud Security Fundamentals course starts out with a detailed introduction to the various delivery models of cloud computing ranging from Software as a Service (SaaS) to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and everything in between. Each of these delivery models represents an entirely separate set of security conditions to consider, especially when coupled with various cloud types including: public, private, and hybrid. An overview of security issues within each of these models will be covered with in-depth discussions of risks to consider. Attendees will go in-depth on architecture and infrastructure fundamentals for private, public, and hybrid clouds. A wide range of topics will be covered including: patch and configuration management, virtualization security, application security, and change management. Policy, risk assessment, and governance within cloud environments will be covered with recommendations for both internal policies and contract provisions to consider. This path leads to a discussion of compliance and legal concerns. The first day will wrap-up with several fundamental scenarios for students to evaluate.

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