Month: January 2014

▶ Single Node Cluster OpenAIS Suse 11 with Oracle11g & SAPInst

OpenAIS Cluster Environment Cluster information host01 information : –          hostname=host01 –          ip= –          virtual IP= –          heartbeat ip=No –          eth0= (data no heartbeat) –          eth1=Not use , –          vgshare=qasdatavg lv=lvol1,lvol2 –          Oracle sid = QAS [Mcod csd,csq,bcd,bcq,j2d,j2q,ecd,ecq] –          SAP sid = j2d,j2q,trex_90,trex_92 –          disk on qasdatavg= md0/md1/md2/md3/md4 Create OpenAIS cluster Create a shared volume group. Create a OpenAIS Cluster. Create an application package. Dependency

▶ Suse Desktop vs. Red Hat

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop: Better Than Red Hat?   Recently, I took a closer look at Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or “RHEL”, to see how good of an enterprise desktop operating system it really is. I found that it’s a top quality product, andFedora users would be extremely familiar with it (no surprise there). However, Red Hat

▶ How To Create Nagios Plugins

How To Create Nagios Plugins With Bash On Ubuntu 12.10 Introduction Bash is a popular command processor available on Linux by default. We have previously covered how to install Nagios monitoring server on Ubuntu 12.10 x64. This time, we will expand on this idea and create Nagios plugins using Bash. These plugins will be running on


SAP HANA One on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1 Sold by: SAP Perform real-time analysis, develop and deploy real-time applications with the SAP HANA One, an instance of SAP HANA in-memory platform on AWS. Natively build on in-memory technology and now deployed on AWS, SAP HANA One is designed to accelerate transactional processing, operational reporting, OLAP,

▶ SAP software on Linux: Essential information

Note 171356 – SAP software on Linux: Essential information Header Version / Date 317 / 2013-08-06 Priority Correction with high priority Category Installation information Primary Component BC-OP-LNX Linux Secondary Components   Summary Symptom You want to install SAP software on Linux.Other terms Redhat, redhat, RH, SuSE, Suse, suse, Swapspace, swapspace, swap-space, ServicePack, IA-64, IA64, x86_64,

▶ Hello EC2, Part 1: Bootstrapping Instances with cloud-init, git, and puppet

Hello EC2, Part 1: Bootstrapping Instances with cloud-init, git, and puppet This is the first of a series of posts about setting up a scalable and robust ”Hello Word” web server using Amazon EC2—an exercise I am working through. The target audience is developers with some experience using EC2. This first installment looks at how

▶ Tutorial: Highly Available WordPress (Part II)

Tutorial: Highly Available WordPress (Part II) In the previous part of this tutorial we introduced High Availability discussing different methods and different AWS services to achieve it. Now we’ll propose a particular solution based on one of these: use GlusterFS to unify the content of the instances. In this part we’ll explain how to move our WordPress