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▶ Package Management from command line with Puppet

Just on the command line with puppet apply [root@server1 ~]# puppet apply –verbose –execute ‘package { openssl: ensure => latest }’ Info: Loading facts Notice: Compiled catalog for in environment production in 0.57 seconds Warning: The package type’s allow_virtual parameter will be changing its default value from false to true in a future release.

▶ YUM: Download a RPM package without installation | Linux Administration

Linux Administration Linux Operating System Administration YUM: Download a RPM package without installation Yum is commonly used in major RPM based Linux distributions such as CentOS, Redhat and SuSE, it can help us perform automatic dependency checking. If you’d like to only download the RPM packages via yum and do not install/update them, it’s nearly

YUM: Thread died in Berkeley DB library, Fatal error, | Unixmen

YUM: Thread Died In Berkeley DB Library, Fatal Error, WRITTEN BY mel kham ON APRIL 4, 2011. POSTED IN frequently asked questions When i run Yum update in fedora,  i got this error Error : [root@localhost RPMS]# yum update rpmdb: Thread/process 7977/139764163434432 failed: Thread died in Berkeley DB library error: db3 error(-30974) from dbenv->failchk: DB_RUNRECOVERY: