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Webmin modules OpenVPN-admin 2.6 Description Webmin OpenVpn Admin Module allows you to create static or CA-based VPNs through a Web interface Now we have the TAP device… and many enhancements Changelog: Changes 01. changed openvpn-ssl.cnf Download openvpn-2.6.wbm.gz See also: Setting-up Openvpn on Webmin ( Centos 6 ) via Webmin.

Whitemice Consulting: Integrating Postfix And CLAMAV

Integrating Postfix And CLAMAV The clamav-miler is packaged by most distributions in their “clamav” package can be used in conjunction with Postfix to protect your network from malware embedded in SMTP traffic. Integration of CLAMAV and Postfix involves four steps: 1. Configuration and enabling of the clamd service. 2. Updating the CLAMAV malware database and