Linux: Check for File System issues

Linux has a command called tune2fs to check and configure File Systems, the option -l does list all the values of the File Sytem related parameters. To avoid issues with File Systems you can read out the value of  Filesystem state , when it states clean all is ok but any other output needs action.

SLES File System(s) turns Read-Only

A VM with SLES 11.4 (64bit) was installed a while ago,  and is used as application server. Everything has been working properly for a while (~1 month), but as of a few days back, some filesystems (/  and /opt)  have turned to read-only (!?). Pretty much every task fails, be it starting vi or even

PowerCli – Check and change Advanced VM settings – disk.enableUUID

Added menu stuff: +++++++++++++ POWERCLI SCRIPT +++++++++++++++ # Autor: AA # Datum: 05.10.15 get-cluster | select Name | sort $CLName = Read-Host “Type the exact name of the Cluster to be checked/set for disk.enableUUID” $vms=get-cluster $CLName | get-vm | where {$_.Guest.OSFullName -match “Linux*” } | sort name $vmscount=($vms).count echo ” ====================================================

Custom Facts in Puppet

  ================== CUSTOM FACT ================= puppet@testserver:/opt/puppetserver/conf/environments/test/modules/helloworld/lib/facter> cat dhcp_dnsdomain.rb     Facter.add(“dhcp_dnsdomain”) do       confine :operatingsystem => ‘SLES’       setcode do         Facter::Core::Execution.exec(‘/usr/sbin/dhcpcd-test eth0 | grep DNSDOMAIN | cut -d$”\'” -f 2 | rev | cut -d”.” -f 1,2 | rev’)       end     end ==================== PUPPET MANIFEST ============ puppet@testserver:/opt/puppetserver/conf/environments/test/modules> cat helloworld/manifests/init.pp class helloworld { notify {

Puppet practical: check $interfaces for IP address

EXAMPLE on checking IP Address on available network interfaces (via Puppet) $ifs = split($interfaces, ‘,’) notify {” Interface list: $ifs “: } defines::show_ip_test { $ifs: } define show_ip_test { $inf = “ipaddress_${name}” $ip = inline_template(‘<%= scope.lookupvar(inf) %>’) #            notify {“IP ${name} :  $ip”: } if $ip =~ /^153\.100\.[3-6]{1}\.*/ { #             if $ip =~ /10\.182\.42.*/ {